Get access to a greater variety of rewards and also increase your chances of winning them!

Earn Premium Chips by hitting the jackpot! Exchange them for convenient, seasonal and ultra-premium rewards.

Add your friends in your Vuewin Circle and easily multiply your chances of winning these amazing rewards!


You now have the power to choose which rewards you want with the new Premium Chips. They come in Bronze, Silver or Gold and can be exchanged for premium rewards like cars, cash and other high-value items.


The new Premium and Regular Chips now let you redeem a variety of great Rewards. Choose from ultra-premium rewards like cars, to seasonal rewards like concert tickets*. Save up those regular chips for when you have the need of extra load!

You can earn premium chips by hitting the Jackpot in any of our games, but we also made it easier for you to win them through our new Vuewin Circles program.

Gold Chips

Cars, condos and cash are just some of the ultra-premium rewards you can get when you exchange your Gold Chips at our Reward Center.

You can win these rare Gold Chips in our 6/49 games either by winning the jackpot, or when friends in your Vuewin Circle wins!

Silver Chips

You get rewarded with Silver Chips by matching 4 numbers in exact order on our 4D games. You'll also get it as balato when a friend in your circle hits the jackpot!

Different reasons to play for different seasons! Christmas season, Valentine's season, summer, school, concert, party season, any season! For every season we'll add meaningful rewards for you to win.

Bronze Chips

Last but not least! Pick 2 numbers from 1 to 31 in exact order and you'll get Bronze Chips to exchange for convenient prizes like load, Vuewin Tickets, Steam codes, and other easily redeemable rewards.


People like you, through daily effort, can easily earn Regular Chips! These can be exchanged for rewards like load and Steam codes.


You can earn Regular Chips by getting partial matches in our 4D and 6/49 games.

Daily Bonus

Just by viewing ads you automatically receive Regular Chips and additional turns in the Hi-Lo game. Now that's why we're Vue-Win!

Hi-Lo Game

Play Hi-Lo to win big in our updated Hi-Lo game. Go all-in, play your Regular Chips, and beat the odds to win more!

New Menu

You now have a quick access to the new features of this update, as the Rewards and Referrals are located in the Side Menu. Knowing the prizes on hand and the status of your Vuewin Circle is just a click away!

More Rewards!

There are now more rewards thanks to our new Premium and Regular chips. We've made it easy for you to choose the prize that you want from a variety of selections.

In this update, you now have the freedom over what items you can redeem with your chips. Spend just a portion, stash them, or spend them all, get the items you really want with the chips you currently have.

Friend and Benefits

Winning has never been this easy as the new Vuewin Circle allows you to greatly increase your chances of winning. Invite friends using your referral code and they'll automatically be added to your Vuewin Circle. Whenever they win, you'll get a bonus equal to a percentage of their winnings.


Your Vuewin Circle is sorted into two. The 1st circle includes users who used your referral code directly. Those in the 2nd circle are people who used the referral code of users in your 1st circle.


When someone in your 1st circle wins*, you get a bonus equivalent to 10%** of their prize. If they're from your 2nd circle, you get a 5%** bonus.

The bonus will be in chips rounded up to the nearest chip denomination.

You also get bonus chips when your circle simply views ads.


Hi-Lo Game

We've updated the look of the Hi-Lo game to make it easier for you to place your bets and win your chips in lesser clicks!

You can quickly access available Rewards by clicking the Gift icon on the bottom bar. You can also find on that bar userful information, like the total number of chips and turns that you have earned.

ADS Read More

The Read More page for certain Ads now has animation that eases-in when you touch the Vuewin Handle. Swipe the Handle right to know more about that Ad!

Notifications (Collapsible)

Your Notifications now look more organized and compact, as we've made each entry collapsible and expandable.


For a cleaner look, Settings are now divided into 2 tabs, General and Profile.

Number now included in profile

The number, which you registered with for Vuewin is, now located in Settings ‐ Profile. Make sure it's active to make sure that when you win load, you'll receive it conveniently. Contact us at if you have any questions on updating personal information like your number.